Bambino B

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Chicken Bites

Waffle Potato (V)

Cheddar Cheese Stick (V)

Cheesy Potato Croquette (V)

Tortilla Chips with Cheese Dips (V)

Pretzel Bites (V)

Staples (Choose 1)

Mac & Cheese with Chicken Ham

Beef Lasagna

Chicken Lasagna

Vegetarian Lasagna (V)

Mediterranean (V)

Chicken Bolognese

Beef Bolognese

Creamy Chicken

Pizzas (Choose 2)

Margherita (V)

Vegetarian (V)

Chicken Ham & Mushroom



Meat Lover

Savoury Bites (Choose 1)

Meatball with Cranberry Sauce

Mash & Cheesy Ball

Chicken Sausage Roll

Hotdog Bun

Savoury Bites (Choose 1)

Roasted Herbs Potato

Butter Corn

Garden Veggies

Mushroom Soup

Potato and Apple Salad

Sweet Bites (Choose 2)

Assorted Swiss Rolls

Assorted Apple Puff

Assorted Fruit Tartlets

Assorted Mini Pastries

Sugar Cinnamon Doughnuts

Drinks (Choose 1)


Citrus Burst

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